Found a few zines I designed/published/made at Skylight Books in LA last night.

KTCHN Cookbook designed by Darin Klein and myself

TAGGED: Variations on a Theme by Kevin Killian, edited by Darin Klein and published by me and Louis Schmidt through our GR//TR project.

The Color Our of Space, part of my ongoing Book-a-Month project.


Be An Artist

Earn a Big Name and a Fat Income

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Thank you to everyone who came out to the Last Bookstore last night for the California debut of Pulp Atlas!  We had such a great audience for the evening!

And Thank You to Edward Sterrett for moderating a discussion about artist books with Christopher Kardambikis and Tim Schwartz. 

For more on upcoming events go check out the Pulp Atlas site.

Are you in Los Angeles?  Come to The Last Bookstore on Thursday, October 16th to see some amazing books as part of the Pulp Atlas series of exhibitions.

Me and Tim Schwartz will be there talking about artist books!


And the 2nd Pulp Atlas Exhibition is installed in the Library at Hospitalfield House.  Thanks to Morgan Cahn for organizing our show in Scotland!

Phase 2 of Pulp Atlas. Now we get to show all these books in so many different places!
Check out these pics by Morgan Cahn of our books installed in the Library at Hospitalfield House in Scotland.



This past weekend I was in San Francisco and was able to pick up a couple more Pulp Atlas books from Jim Rugg and Michael Bartalos!  Check these things out!

Jim has been going through the archives of Copacetic Comics founder Bill Boichel.  His zine is constructed completely over the course of one evening with a xerox printer.  It looks amazing and is a great look at an important figure in Pittsburgh comics.

Michael was recently in Mexico City for a residency and has created a beautiful book based on Aztec culture and the constellations.  Another project playing with a xerox machine - Michael ran each page of this book through a color xerox several times to achieve a layered, dense feel to these pages.  

So excited that these books are going to be shared with so many cities!

Again, if you have an interest in artist books and zines - check out this project and consider donating!


And check out the Pulp Atlas tumblr page for more details here.


Only 7 more days to contribute to the PULP ATLAS Indiegogo campaign!

The Philadelphia show has already opened at the Free Library!

The Scotland show opens at the Library at Hospitalfield House this week!

The LA one-night event is at The Last Bookstore on October 16th!

Needles & Pens and the San Jose Public Library are hosting us in November!

Things are happening!  But, to really make the most of our shows and get the books where they need to be we need your help! Please check out our Indiegogo campaign and consider donating to our project.  There are some fantastic prints, zines, and art objects waiting for you as a reward!

Check out the Pulp Atlas page here.

And the Indiegogo here!

New Pulp Atlas books have arrived in the mail!  This exhibition series is going to be fantastic!  

Cockles by Edie Fake!

Parables for City Living by J. Pascoe!

Nobody Really Likes Celery by Imin Yeh!

And it’s already started!  The Philadelphia show at the Free Library is up now.  If you’re in Philly go see it!

Also - one week left to help us meet our goal for our Indiegogo campaign.  Please go check it out!

Found this on the Village Voice’s coverage of the New York Art Book Fair.

Strange Attractors!  Making a splash at NYABF2014!

Strange Attractors: Investigations in Non-Humanoid Extraterrestrial Sexualities is listed and pictured among the notable books!

Seen at the New York Art Book Fair.

Officially sold out at the New York Art Book Fair!

Now it’s time to buy books and drink some beers!