July and August books are a pair.  Worlds and Antiworlds.  

40 pages.  8 copies of each.  13.25 inches tall x 8 inches wide.  Printed and hand bound in my garage-studio in Los Angeles, CA. Much of the brain and indesign work done between LA and Paris.  

Color and space and language and magic.  And annihilation.  

These books will be traveling the globe as part of the PULP ATLAS exhibition series this Fall!

Very happy to have a couple of my books living in the MIF Art Book Library in Fukushima!

Check out their website to see some of the other great artists and publishers that are in the collection.


Plate II. Babbitt’s Principles of Light and Color. 1878.

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David Pelham, for Olaf Stapledon’s ‘Sirius,’ 1975

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A few more images from the upcoming book(s) I’m making for PULP ATLAS.

Worlds - Antiworlds will be 40 pages.  Edition of 15.  

A few images from the upcoming book(s) I’m making for PULP ATLAS.

Worlds - Antiworlds will be 40 pages.  Edition of 15.  

Back to back weekend book events!

The New York Art Book Fair: September 26th - 28th I’ll be at MoMA PS1 in the zine tent!

The Alternative Press Expo: October 4-5 I’ll be in San Francisco at the Ft. Mason Center!  

If you live in New York City or San Francisco swing by and check out the artist books, zines, and prints I’ve been working on!


Total eclipse of the Moon. Les Merveilles Célestes. 1881.



To support this series of artist book and zine exhibitions, we are raising money through Indiegogo - check out our page!  

When you donate to PULP ATLAS, you are supporting the production of new work by 12 artists focusing on the book form as well as a series of exhibitions across the US, UK, and Canada.  

Plus?  When you donate you can claim one of several amazing perks/rewards including a Set of 3 Queer Scout Badges (Stitch on your queer scout pride! Metallic thread, bright colors!)  or a Queer Zoology Hanky (Hand-printed, heat set, and ready to be broken in!) by Mary Tremonte!

Mary (Mack) Tremonte is an artist-educator-DJ currently living in Toronto, ON. Her vibrant silkscreen prints explore queer animal sexualities, amplified possibilities, and signifiers. As a DJ and party organizer she strives to create temporary safe spaces for expression, as well as to raise funds and awareness for grassroots causes. She is consumed with printmaking, totally teens, collaboration, communication and the politics of social space, particularly the danceparty.

Spread the word and help us reach our goal and to make new books!

Check out the PULP ATLAS indiegogo campaign and help some awesome people make some awesome art books!!

Installation at Sidewall

Nice little gif of the installation of my piece at Sidewall in Pittsburgh.

If you’re in the Bloomfield neighborhood, go check this out at 608 S. Millvale Ave.  It’s up until October 3rd!


Do you like artist books and zines?  

Check out our Indidgogo campaign for PULP ATLAS, a series of Artist-Book and Zine exhibitions across the US, UK, and Canada!


PULP ATLAS is a series of artist book exhibitions featuring the work of 12 artists experimenting with the book form.  Each artist is producing an edition of 12 artist books or zines, allowing for 12 exhibitions to happen in different cities during the Fall of 2014.  Each contributing artist is responsible for hosting an exhibition in their city.

PULP ATLAS explores the contemporary book form as well as the cultural borders surrounding alternative exhibition spaces.  Artist books and zines occupy a unique territory: inherently legible even while experimental, they are precious yet consumable, able to be viewed in public but read as an incredibly personal experience.  PULP ATLAS aims to explore the dynamics of the book form in an alternative viewing space.

Participating libraries, bookstores, and other venues in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Chicago, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia as well as Toronto, Canada, Ipswich, England and Edinburgh, Scotland will be announced as dates are secured.  

Check out the blog for continuous updates here (http://pulpatlas.tumblr.com)!  

Participating Artists:

Michael BartalosMorgan CahnMatt CoorsEdie FakeChristopher Kardambikis,Mark LanderJ. PascoeVanessa RovetoJim RuggTim SchwartzMary Tremonte, and Imin Yeh


In order to make these exhibitions happen and to produce our books we need your help!

By contributing to this campaign you’ll be helping 12 individual artists create new artworks that will be seen by people all around the US, UK, and Canada (and the interwebs!)!  This is an important time to be crafting books by hand and to be putting them out into the public.  You are helping us expand a dialogue around books and artist-books and exhibiting physical objects in public settings.  Big issues! Big ideas! And you only need to make a small contribution to make a big difference!

Our goal is to raise $400 per artist.  This money will help offset production costs for each artist’s book.  Your contributions will help each of us buy paper, ink, and/or pay for professional printing of the pages of these books.  Your contribution will also help us promote and organize each of the 12 upcoming exhibitions.  Making books by hand requires some elbow grease and getting a public exhibition together requires some financial grease.   



Check out the Indiegogo campaign for Pulp Atlas!  Maybe throw a few dollars at us and support the production and exhibition of artist books and zines!

Pulp Atlas has launched an Indiegogo campaign! Go check it out and help us raise a few dollars to produce and exhibit artist books and zines!


The first PULP ATLAS exhibition of artist books and zines will happen at the Free Library of Philadelphia!  Check it out from September 29th to November 23rd!

Exhibition organized by J. Pascoe.

Sidewall, in the Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, is hosting this piece I made for the month of September.  If you’re in the city go check it out!

Image includes two of my favorite things: my family and outer space.  Pictured, from left to right and starting at the top, Nikos, Anna, Basilis, Lambro, Theofilos, and Spiro during a family trip back to the village of Granitsa way back when.  All my dad’s siblings except Themis (next time, Themis, I promise you’ll be in).  So excited to have been able to put this up with the help of a my cousins Petros and George.  

My dad was initially confused.  But I think he likes it now.