Sidewall, in the Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, is hosting this piece I made for the month of September.  If you’re in the city go check it out!

Image includes two of my favorite things: my family and outer space.  Pictured, from left to right and starting at the top, Nikos, Anna, Basilis, Lambro, Theofilos, and Spiro during a family trip back to the village of Granitsa way back when.  All my dad’s siblings except Themis (next time, Themis, I promise you’ll be in).  So excited to have been able to put this up with the help of a my cousins Petros and George.  

My dad was initially confused.  But I think he likes it now. 

One of these two images would make a fine mural for Pittsburgh as part of the sidewall project, right?

My dad and all his siblings, minus one, (Sorry, Themis) at their childhood home near Granitsa.


Guy at the Printshop: “These guys look kinda tough, man.  Like, I wouldn’t wanna mess with them…”

So.  The Kardambikis Family: Kinda Tough.


Perspectiva Corporum Regularium
, Wenzel Jamnitzer, 1568.

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More book shopping in Paris!  Picked up this pocket edition of L’Incal III: Ce Qui Est En Bas by Jodorowsky and Moebius.

The book is beautiful.  This edition was published in 1989.

I’m currently in Paris and had the chance to stop by a few French comic book shops the other day.  One purchase I made and am very excited about:

Barbarella by Jean-Claude Forest published in this pocket sized edition in 1974 by Le Terrain Vague.

If you know anything about me and my near-obsession with Barbarella you could probably imagine me exclaiming “WOAH!” in the middle of this tiny shop as I saw this book on the shelf. 


Matt L. Roher talks to Kevin Killian about “TWEAKY VILLAGE” and his ongoing TAGGED project over at HTMLGiant.

Pick up “TWEAKY VILLAGE” here.

It was so wonderful working with Kevin on TAGGED for Gravity and Trajectory.  And always good to see the project continuing!  Go read about Kevin’s new book, TWEAKY VILLAGE, at HTMLGiant.

Just saw that my Book-A-Month project has popped up on Printeresting!


Plate V. Total solar eclipse, July 29th, 1878. Published in 1887.


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Check out Vanessa Roveto’s short on Funny or Die!


Strikingly bizarre concept art by Chris Foss for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s abandoned Dune adaptation

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PULP ATLAS is a series of artist book exhibitions featuring the work of 12 artists experimenting with the book form.  Each artist will have produced an edition of 12 artist books or zines, allowing for 12 exhibitions to happen simultaneously in different cities during the Fall of 2014.  PULP ATLAS explores the contemporary book form as well as the cultural borders surrounding alternative exhibition spaces.  Artist books and zines occupy a unique territory: inherently legible even while experimental, they are precious and disposable, able to be viewed in public but read as an incredibly personal experience.  PULP ATLAS aims to explore the dynamics of the book form in an alternative viewing space.  

New artist books and zines by:

Michael Bartalos, Morgan Cahn, Matt Coors, Edie Fake, Christopher Kardambikis, Mark Lander, Jenn Pascoe, Vanessa Roveto, Jim Rugg, Tim Schwartz, Mary Tremonte, Imin Yeh

Watch this space for updates on the Fall exhibitions and process photographs from the participating artists.

Very excited to have new book work along side everyone in this series of exhibitions!  Go follow PULP ATLAS for updates and book photographs.

2014 Book-a-Month project report.  Half-way through.  6 books/zines made.  This project has seen me make books in my old studio in Los Angeles, in my new studio in my garage, a residency in Hudson Valley and my parents’ house.  Been pretty interesting to put myself on a constant deadline and try to figure out what I can get done with a limited budget (in terms of time and $$).

January: SUNSPOTS // edition of 50

Feburary: The Planets Move Far Too Slowly In Their Orbits To Be Heard // edition of 2

March: Sol Variations // edition of 1

April: The Color Out of Space // edition of 30

May: In a Far Distant Century…The Gods of Olympus Shall Die // edition of 10

June: The Crack in Space // edition of 15

Looking forward to the next 6 months.  Now I just need to find a gallery to show all these…